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  • Australia’s Top Court Reverses Sex Abuse Convictions of Cardinal George Pell

    In Pell v. The Queen, (High Ct. Australia, April 7, 2020), Australia’s highest court reversed the sex abuse convictions of Cardinal George Pell, finding: there is “a significant possibility that an innocent person has been convicted because the evidence did not establish guilt to the requisite standard of proof.” The court ordered that judgments of acquittal...

  • Cardinal Pell’s Conviction Upheld

    In Australia, the Victoria Court of Appeal has affirmed the conviction of Cardinal George Pell for sexual offenses.  The court has published a summary of the judgment in Pell v. The Queen, (Victoria Ct. App., Aug. 21, 2019) indicating that the court , by a 2-1 vote, dismissed the appeal. (Case page.) The court’s summary says...

  • Church That Is Potential Trust Beneficiary Lacks Standing To Seek Independent Trustee

    In In re Trust of Mary Baker Eddy, (NH Sup. Ct., June 14, 2019), held that a Christian Science church in Australia that is a potential beneficiary of a trust created under the will of Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy lacks standing to seek the appointment of an independent trustee. The New Hampshire Supreme Court...

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    From SSRN: John Vlahoplus, Foreign-Born Children of Disloyal Parents: Adam Muthana, Mary Arcedeckne and the Natural Born, (St. John’s Law Review, Forthcoming). Eliza Bateman, ‘His Garden a Wilderness’ – The Balance between Equality and Freedom of Religion in Australia and Canada, (March 18, 2019). Scott D. Gerber, Law and Liberty of Conscience in Colonial Pennsylvania,...

  • Cardinal Pell Sentenced By Australian Court To 6 Years In Prison On Sex Abuse Charges

    As previously reported, last December a court in Australia convicted Catholic Cardinal George Pell on five counts of child sexual offenses dating back decades. As reported by CNN, yesterday the 77-year old Cardinal who was a top Vatican advisor was sentenced by the court to six years in prison.

  • Reporting On Cardinal Pell Conviction Is Examined

    Get Religion published a piece today examining media coverage of the child sex abuse charges against Australia’s Cardinal George Pell, as well as the outcome of his trial.  Reporter Julia Duin begins her report as follows: I hadn’t been following the child abuse charges against Australian Cardinal Pell all that much because I assumed, based...

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