• Children and the Lesbian ''Homo-nuclear'' Family. Children and the Lesbian ''Homo-nuclear'' Family: A Challenge for Australian Family Law in the New M

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(Adiva Sifris BProc (Wits), LLM, PhD (Monash) is a senior lecturer at Monash University Law School in Australia. Prior to entering academia she practiced exclusively in the area of Family Law. She is recognised as an expert in this area with a particular interest in same-sex parenting having delivered numerous conference papers and published widely.)


In 2008 reforms were introduced in Australia recognising lesbian-led families. This book examines the inability of Australian family law to recognise the family structure of children conceived in lesbian-led families prior to these reforms. Adiva Sifris argues that in the first decade of the new millennium lesbian-led families, represents one of many diverse family forms. Moreover, it is argued that the law’s failure to provide expressly for these children assists in perpetuating discrimination and stigmatisation against such children. In order to assess the necessity for changes to family law the author presents a methodical and detailed examination that consolidates and synthesises the relevant legal principles and social norms. In the final analysis, a comprehensive and dynamic model for change is proposed. An enormous range of Australian and international material is drawn together including, traditional legal analysis and policy developments along with statistical information and social science research. In light of the cross-disciplinary nature of the text this book will appeal to lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, philosophers and children’s rights theorists.

MATERIAS: children, lesbianism, family, Family Law, chidren''s rights, same-sex