• Competition law issues facing the Australian banking sector. An examination of Australia's position in the global context

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dr Leela Cejnar has published several articles in the area of competition law. She spent many years working as a competition lawyer in Australia. In 2011, she completed her PhD on competition law issues facing the Australian banking sector. She presently lectures in competition law and business law.)


The global financial crisis has greatly increased the need for improved regulation and enforcement in relation to banking and financial markets, including in respect of ‘competition’ regulation and enforcement. This book considers some of the issues that the crisis raised for the Australian banking sector (with a focus on Australian bank merger reviews). It examines the impact of the ‘rescue packages’ and the whether they served as threats to competition law and policy. It also explores the correlation between the need to preserve the welfare of consumers and business through competition versus the need to preserve financial and economic stability, particularly during periods of economic turbulence. Some comparisons are also made with key overseas jurisdictions, notably the US, the EU and the UK.

MATERIAS: Competition Law, Banking, Financial sector