• Safe Third Country vs Non-refoulment. In Australian Context

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(Dr Shamser S Thapa migrated to Australia in 1996 from Nepal. He holds LLB from Tribhuvan University and was admitted to practice law in Nepal.He possesses LLM and PhD from University of Western Sydney and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from College of Law, Sydney. He is the principal solicitor of Shamser Thapa & Associates, Sydney, Australia.)


Safe Third Country vs Non-refoulment: In Australian Context discusses the importance and status of the doctrine of non-refoulement in international law. This book examines the principle of “effective protection” as interpreted by the Australian judiciary and analyzes whether it breaches Australia’s Refugee Convention obligations through the critical analysis of two landmark cases Minister for Immigration& Multicultural Affairs v Thiyagarajah and NAGV and NAGV of 2002 v Minister for Immigration& Multicultural& Indigenous Affairs.

MATERIAS: Australia, Immigration, Law, indigenous, Refugee, Judiciary, NAGV