Announcing INDOPAC: major new business group to confront issues of Indo/Asia/Pacific region.

Author:Charlton, Peter

India meets Asia in major new economic forum

Advisory council formed of leading Australian, Asian and Indian business leaders and companies. Australian publisher Peter Charlton the brainchild behind INDOPAC; former Australian Prime Minister John Howard announced as council patron and will attend first meeting.

The first forum planned to be held in New Delhi in January next year (2009).


India's great importance as a major and developing economy, with that of China, has seen the establishment of INDOPAC, an India-Asia Business Forum designed to tackle the issues of the important and vital Indo-Pacific region.

Australian publisher Peter Charlton has founded INDOPAC to act as an essential international forum for business leaders, working with government and civil society, to share their thinking on new ways to grow regional economies rapidly and sustainab]y.

The council of INDOPAC is made up of leading Australian, Asian and Indian business leaders and companies, including:

--Peter Charlton, Chairman, First Charlton Communications, Australia

--Patron: John Howard--former Australian Prime Minister

--Roger Corbett, former CEO, Woolworths, Australia

--Ken Cowley, Chairman R.M. Williams, Director-Main Board News Ltd., Australia

--Phil Burgess--Group Managing Director Public Policy & Communications, Telstra, Australia

--Ted Pretty--chairman, Fujitsu Australia

--Arthur Sinodinos--Regional General Manager-Finance, Strategy, Wealth--NAB, Australia

--Ratan Tata--Tata Holdings, India

--Executive Director: Ken Waller--APEC Business Centre, Australia

INDOPAC established as growth occurs in the region

Charlton said INDOPAC was formed because of the need for a distinctive Indo-Pacific analysis of global issues.

"INDOPAC will focus on the phenomenal pace and scale of development in the region from India across to China and Japan and south to Australasia, anchored by the world's two largest nations and encompassing over half the world's population," Charlton says.

"Business in this region is mobilising human, physical and energy resources on a scale rarely equalled in history, with an unprecedented impact on the rest of humanity and the environment."

The agenda of INDOPAC and its objectives

"INDOPAC's critical objective is to influence thinking on ways in which business can deliver prosperity and promote the common interests of all communities that comprise this great and diverse region," Charlton says. It will do this:

--Through interaction between...

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