Eagles players make light of lift episode.


Byline: Lauren Wood, Tim Michell

OSCAR Allen has revealed that a singalong gone wrong was behind a handful of Eagles being trapped in a lift.

Allen, 20, was one of five West Coast players who got stuck in an elevator at the team's hotel in the lead-up to Saturday night's 18-point win over St Kilda, and said his own rhythm was largely to blame.

"A couple of us boys went out for brekky, and on the way back we got in the lift and we were actually miming an INXS song," the youngster said.

"And whoever got it wrong ... there was a big fuss about it. I actually got the rhythm wrong and every-one started jumping in the lift, and it kind of just stopped in the middle of the levels.

"We tried everything, pressing all the buttons and after about 20 minutes, they called us back and said they'd be another 45 off."

Luckily, Allen said, one of the crew - which included star midfielder Andrew Gaff and premiership trio Jack Darling, Elliot Yeo and Liam Ryan - had taken a deck of cards to breakfast which helped pass the time.

"It was a bit concerning for a little bit, but we were all glad to get out of there," Allen said.

"It was such a whirlwind, then once we got stuck we were all stressing. There was quite a bit of testosterone in a small area and everyone was pretty hot and getting pretty agitated.

"Elliot Yeo was pressing all the buttons trying to make it work and stressing everyone out. We were glad to get out of there for sure."

Allen said the lift went to the top of the Pullman Hotel...

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