Facts about airline points.


THE point hackers are behind one of Australia's largest independent platform of airline rewards experts, Point Hacks (pointhacks.com.au). Here are some points around earning and redeeming airline rewards points .

Point Hacks reveals some fallacies around airline rewards programs:

  1. You can earn points when you buy flights with points.

    Unfortunately, purchasing most reward flights with your points will not earn you points. This applies to every frequent flyer program. Flights purchased using frequent flyer points, otherwise known as Classic Flight Rewards on Qantas and Reward Seats on Virgin Australia, will not earn you any points.

  2. Points Plus Pay is good value.

    Through Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia, you can purchase award flights outright with your Qantas Frequent Flyer points, or you can purchase flights using a mix of points and cash (called 'Points Plus Pay').

    There is more seat availability when you use Points Plus Pay to purchase a flight, but this kind of redemption hugely devalues your points and is considered poor value: at a rate of around 0.7 cents per point. For a good value redemption, you should be looking between 1.5-14 cents per point, depending on your class of travel.

  3. You can upgrade most 'cheap tier' flights with points.

    This is false as you can generally only upgrade on certain tickets. For instance, Qantas' discount economy - the cheapest Economy fare, also known as Red e-Deal or Sale fares - will only let you use points...

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