Healthiest schoolies night on record.


RED Frogs and Schoolies Hub volunteers are optimistic about this year's schoolies group after the "fantastic" behaviour displayed by new graduates over the weekend.

Red Frogs location leader Hayden Mustica said "its really encouraging and we're super stoked".

Mr Mustica said the awareness among schoolies seemed higher than previous years, which might be credited to better education at schools teaching safe partying techniques and respect for places where schoolies were travelling to.

"Last night was fantastic," he said on Sunday.

"We saw a lot of crew just looking after their mates and things and we had the healthiest time we have seen up here in Byron Bay.

"All the school leavers were out and about but super well behaved, they were having a really good time at the hub with the Red Frogs DJ up there."

With more than 10,000 Year 12 graduates attending schoolies celebrations each year, the town relies on volunteers to help manage the safety of the crowds.

Three hundred volunteers across Byron Schoolies Hub, Youth With A Mission and Red Frogs will offer support...

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