Holmes gets ready for his NFL dream.



RUGBY LEAGUE: These are the images which show former rugby league star Val Holmes is ready for a full blown crack at the fiercely competitive NFL.

Holmes was at Tribe Social Fitness in Taren Point yesterday as he prepared to leave for his USA dream next month.

The road ahead for Holmes will be long, arduous and physically demanding - but he is ready for the challenge.

Holmes, who has a passion for NFL, worked long and hard yesterday with leading Sydney strength and conditioning coach Trent Elkin, who previously worked at the Sharks and Parramatta Eels.

The former Cronulla fullback will head directly into an NFL international pathway program where he will train nine hours a day, focusing on plays, routes, structures and defensive drills. It's where players prepare for the NFL Combine.

"We have worked on optimal functions, movement efficiency. To make sure when Val moves and when he can function, he can do everything optimally," Elkin said.

"Like limb to limb strength and making sure he's as strong in his left leg as his right leg. Making sure there's no imbalance in his muscular system. We now want to develop all those qualities of speed - strength, power, that's direction that we're going.

"Explosive speed and power work hand-in-hand. Our objective is that I have to get him functioning optimally so he can execute those movements.

"If you...

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