Innovative phone doesn't need internet connection.



SOUTHERN Phone's phone-only solution for seniors is making waves in the industry.

Next Home Phone took out the Innovation-SME category at this year's Australian Communication Industry Awards - ACOMMS - which were held in August.

Next Home Phone is the leading solution for seniors who just want to keep their home phone and their existing

number in an NBN world that wants them to change. It allows them to

keep their existing

home phone without needing an internet connection.

This not only saves them the complexity of switching to NBN but also saves them money.

"We are so proud to have won this industry innovation award,"

said Southern Phone managing director

David Joss.

"The migration to

NBN can be confronting for many and the

change from a traditional home phone service to Voice over IP even more so.

"Next Home Phone serves a need in the market by providing a solution for those who just want a home phone that is activated in minutes, is simple and well-priced."

Since 2002, Southern Phone has deliberately placed a strong business and service focus on older Australians who don't want or need super-fast internet...

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