Kids forced to reply to messages.


YOU just need to know if soccer finished on time - but she's not responding ...

The phone was supposed to be just for emergencies.

But in what seems like days, you find yourself prying it from your child's sleeping hands.

So how is it that our kids are constantly plugged in - but it's impossible to get them to actually reply to a text asking them which friend's house they ended up at for the afternoon?

Well, this dad might have the answer to curb your anxieties.

The American father has created an app that basically forces your kids to reply to your messages.

The app, called ReplyASAP, gives parents the much-needed power to freeze their kids' phones when they don't respond to text messages.

"ReplyASAP makes messages unmissable between people that matter since important messages shouldn't be missed," creator Nick told WISTV.

The brilliant dad has worked out that by locking down all other functions on your kid's phone, suddenly they are able to respond...

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