Pioneering legends.


Byline: Gail Forrer Seniors Group Editor

THIS month we feature explorers and pioneers of land, mind and electric cars!

Besides the great youthful achievements of our featured profiles, these people have also moved into mature age and transformed their skills to suit the times.

In my books, this part of our lives offers fresh opportunities to re-assess our lifestyle and what really matters, to speak up or change our minds or indeed, just settle down.

For me, it's remaining curious besides recognising and happily remaining open to change.

Margaret McDonald is certainly driven by future environmental concerns for her children and grandchildren.

Journalist Alison Houston spoke to Margaret about how she fared during an extensive trip in her new Hyundai Kona. While many of us pay lip service to climate change, among other things, Margaret has installed solar panels on her home, moved to a vegetarian diet three days a week and uses her 'keep' cup for coffee in order to reduce her carbon footprint.

Tracey Johnstone speaks to another trailblazer, Christine...

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