Pushed to the edge of reality.


Byline: Leigh Paatsch

ACCORDING to the major streaming platforms, what we are living through right now is sparking an intense interest in movies where there are no utopias, just dystopia. Here is a guide to where you can currently find the best of the worst that could possibly happen.

So check your temperature, check the locks, and keep checking the headlines to ensure that what you are watching is "only a movie".

THE ABSOLUTE BRINK THE ROAD (Foxtel & to rent) In the aftermath of a global catastrophe, a father and son (Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee) wander across the US. The fundamentals of nature - animals, plants, clean water - are now just distant memories. Food is whatever you can get your hands on and tear apart. This rugged experience is tough, uncompromising stuff.

I AM LEGEND (Foxtel & to rent) After a virus wipes out almost all civilised life, the last man left standing in New York City works on a cure. A frightening, confronting and immersive action movie. Smith excels himself here - not only carrying the entire picture on his own, but keeping the audience at his side throughout.

A QUIET PLACE (Netflix) Brilliant thriller where those still alive remain so by strictly observing a vow of silence. The slightest noise is a certain death sentence. A close-knit family is about to face an absolute day of reckoning. You might be able to handle what you see, but what you hear will take some time to get over.

WITH THE GREATEST OF DISEASE CONTAGION (To rent only) The 2011 movie that has famously gone viral since the onset of Covid-19. In a tad more than 100 minutes, a tad more than 100 million people perish at the clammy hands...

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