Questions for closeness; As 2018 wraps up and the new year begins, THERE'S the perfect opportunity to reflect and re-energise your relationship.



Last column for the year and my last chance to throw out some wonderful ideas to stay close and connected to your partner through to 2019.

As the sun goes down on New Year's Eve, before you head out with the throng slurring to the tune of Auld Lang Syne why not tear out this page of your magazine. Carve out this moment in time without distraction from any children, family and friends and turn toward each other. Use eye contact and intentionally engage to be present and open to possibilities. If there are responses or ideas you don't agree with, inquire further and deepen your understanding instead of attempting to defend or shut down.

I can't count the number of brave blokes that reveal they struggle with the right responses and conversation with their adoring female, whose words flow freely and with magnitude - so here's your guide. I know some will be tempted to uncomfortably retort with ridiculous and humorous answers but try also to be real and genuine, for this time intended for closeness and connection:

What do you want less of in 2019?

What do you long for?

What has been the biggest drag for you this year?

What are you dreaming about most right now?

How can I help you this week?

How do you describe me to people who haven't met me?

What are your favourite ways to spend time with me?

When were you last truly happy? What happened?

What is the best way I can show you I love you this coming year?

How can we unite to impact our world with more kindness?

I so relish the concept of new possibilities for 2019 in striving toward using your talents to even more potential. This includes levelling up your relationship and growing together for that flourishing dynamic you should expect.

Why not use the magical word "no" to a few activities to just "be" together? Block out some white...

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