Park Beach Bowling Club

January 5

Friday Mixed Pairs

Kerry and Tom Blow def Jeff Hill and Penny Russell 21-9

John Hall and Allan Pyke def John Clancy and Mick De Meio 22-16

Trish Rhodes and Frank Chetcuti def Tony Richards and Shirley Betts 19-8

Graham Chalmers and Elaine Denner def Sharyn and Peter Bischa 17-11

Ainsley Wroe and Ron Harter def David and Debbie Doyle 27-13

Leonie Loadsman and Jim Phillips def Graham Haigh and Colin Cutt 20-15

Lynne Clancy and Barb Schenkel def Vickie Armstrong and Ron Arendt 20-13

Robyn and Geoff Wallace def Joyce Stirton and Allan Fraser 27-12

Dinah Nutchey-Robinson and Mario Muscat def Bev White and Denise Peake 12-7

Wendy Armstrong and Mark Moran def Denise Hargraves and Jan Slater 15-11

Anne Oak and Judie Kennedy def Marge and Charlie England 18-17

Sue Hancock and Mandi Monck def Cheryl Jones and Brenda Fane 19-18

January 9

L McLeod, C Kershaw, E Kidd def A Oar, Y Trunley, J Pearce Kennedy 35-9

D Doyle, Smith, C Irvine, J Parker def S Wilson, L McLean, P Fletcher, S Hancock 23-8

J Farrell, K Moody, V Maher, C Northcote def B Pyne, A Oak, M Gudgeon, B Schenkel 17-15

T Welsh, M England, I Docker, R Lincoln def J Morris, T Rhodes, R De Meio, J Slater 18-15

P Russell, C Jones, R Wallace, S Betts def L Loadsman, L Clancy, E Denner, Y Schmidt 18-13

J Kennedy, P Nolan, S Bischa, L North def A McConnaghy, I Robinson, J Long, J Boulton 18-10

C Venturi, C Garrett, R Riley, R Crestani def A Wroe, D Hargraves, C Sheridan, D Peake 28-13


Coffs Harbour Ladies Golf

Saturday, January 5

Ladies 4BBB Stableford

(45 starters) Carolyn Hoogervorst & Lorraine Morrissey 42; Norma Andrews & Amanda Cook 40 c/b; Judy Gibson & Shaza Leeson 40 c/b.

NTP'S 12th (Shearwater) Kerry Wilson, 15th Shaza Leeson, 22nd Amanda Cook, 26th (Pro Pin) Judy Gibson.

Tuesday, January 8

Single Stableford

(43 starters) A Grade Jill Bridgen 19 c/b, Jill Howlett 19.

B Grade Trish Barz 22, Janet Neville 16.

NTP's 3rd (Pro Pin) Jill Howlett, Jan Baildon. 6th Heather Watkins, Barb Withers. Lakes Voucher Janet Neville.

Wednesday, January 9

4BBB Stableford

(72 starters) Jo Symons & Annelies Voorthuis 49; Janet Neville & Jackie McIntosh 44; Lynda Bradley & Dallis Hogan 43 c/b; Julie Mitchell & Elaine Phillips 43.

NTP'S 12th Ada Lynch, Michelle Palmer (Shearwater) Gayle Johnson. 15th Keryn Little, Sheryl Joyce, Estelle Becker. 22nd Tracey Foster, Viv Gayford, Betty Peen. 26th (Pro Pin) Romana Murphy, Di Lawrence, Gayle Johnson.

Sawtell Golf Club

January 4

Chook run

Doug Simmonds 27, Rob Wellings 24, John Paine 23, Clayton McGuire 22, George Graham 22, Mark Salter 22

January 9


Fleur Graham 40, Wendy Mason 39, Robyn O'Dwyer 38. NTP 11 Wendy Mason (pro pin). Visitors from Bonville.

Bonville Golf Resort

Monday, December 31

Medley Single Stableford

Winner: David Selvage (21) 38 pts, Runner up: Bill Stocks (+1) 37 pts.


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