Friday 8th February. Winners Peter williams, Trish Aldridge and Tony Turra. Runners up Jan Waddell, Georgina Smethills and Alvin Sinn.


Monday 4-Feb 2x4x2 1st Harry & Dave 2nd Keith & Bruce L/d Carol & Graham

Tuesday 5-Feb No social bowls Wednesday 6-Feb Mens Pairs 1st WW+16 M Overend; M Gay 2nd WW+9 L Wettlaufer; J Stephens L/d B Moore; D Kelly

Thursday am 7-Feb 2x4x2 Popsticks Jackpot to next week. Next game 3 bowl open pairs Thursday pm 7-Feb Open Pairs 1st Brian Badke; Fred Saunders 2nd Martie Pettifer; Heather Bartley L/D Joy Machray; Una Rowlings

Friday 8-Feb Open 3 Bowls Triples 1st WW+21 Barb Ferrier; Kevin Jones; Jon Scholfield 2nd WW14 Phil Jeffries; Kevin Clough; Stuart Bee 3rd LW+13 Ian Cunningham; Jane Mantle; Neil Leahman L/D 2 Lucky Draw Teams.



Results of Buderim Indoor Bowls played Sat 9th FEB are as follows : Robyn Preston, Janice Smith, Moya Cook, Pat Lappin, 21, Joe Kammholz, Noel Wagner, Danielle Morrow, Anna Lewis, 20, Eddy Figg, Bill Rowell, Noreen Murdoch, Jan Harvey, 20, Virginia Pavelka, Dudley Lappin, Glenys Kammholz, Cheryl Ellis 17 A'

Dianne Simpson, John Geitz, Lyn Finlay, Ann Brooksmith, 15, Bob Simpson, Ray Day, Graham Vellacott, Val Vellacott, 14 A'



Saturday 9th February Single Stableford FIELD: 111

A Grade Winner: Peter Broadfoot 39 pts

A Grade Runner's/up: Peter Ovens 37 pts B Grade Winner: Dean Von Schill 40 pts c/b B Grade Runner's/up: Peter Cahill 40 pts

C Grade Winner: Warren Brunner 41 pts C Grade Runner's/up: Noel Olsen 40 pts

Ladies' Winner: Vicki Reilly 34 pts Special Prizes: Ntp 2nd: Sam Glenn 254 cm Ntp 6th: Noel Williams 56 cm Ntp 8th: Scott Sommerville 240 cm Ntp 10th: Peter Black 164 cm Ntp 14th: Sal Saffioti 520 cm Ntp 17th: Peter Black 148 cm 2 nd shot 9th: Tom Emery 75 cm

Ladies' 2nd Shot 14th: Susan Cahill 108 cm

Ball Run Down: Men 36 pts, Ladies 31 pts


Twin Waters Stableford February 9 Men: DIV 1 Winner P Jonsson 42 Pts Runner up Ben Story 40 Pts NTPS : 2 A Driver 7 M Murray 11 D Ritchie 17 D Bissett DIV 2 Winner R McClean 39 Pts OCB Runner up P Moyes 39 Pts NTPS : 2 P Moyes 7 G Reading 17 I Smylie Ladies : Winner: C Coles 37 pts , Runner Up W Town 36 pts OCB NTPS : 2 R Glasson 11 L Ritchie RUNDOWN: Men : DIV 1 37 Pts DIV 2 34 Pts Ladies 31 Pts


Stableford: Grade A: J Hayward[10] 43, A Byrne[12] 39, A Mullan[5] 39. Grade B: K Findlayson[15] 40, D Lonergan[18] 40, P Grant[16] 40. Grade C: T Arlidge[25] 41, D Richardson[21] 38, B Murray[20] 38. Eagle: K Horne. Eagle: G O'Rourke.

Nearest Pin: W Stockill (4th). Nearest Pin: J Guy (8th). Nearest Pin: C Smith (12th). Nearest Pin: D Conn (16th). Nearest Pin: C McGill (18th). Nearest Pin: D Lonergan (9th). Nearest Pin: B Murray (15th). Nearest PRO Pin: S Wilkinson (6th). Nearest PRO Pin: P Breene (12th). Nearest PRO Pin: J Murchie (2nd). Maroochy River GC: Stableford: C Roberts[19] 39, K Crawley[2] 35, L Day[21] 34. Nearest Pin: V Sheridan (12th). Nearest Pin: M Christensen (4th). DSR: 72.0.


Mid Week Comp period ending 7th February 2019-- 9 Hole Stroke.

Winners: Michael Deacon & Graeme Eldridge with 23 each.

Runner up: Dave Taig with 27. Third: Doug Waghorn with 30. Putts: Graeme Eldridge & Dave Taig with 14. NTP: Michael Deacon hole 9.

Social Club Comp: Saturday 9th February 2019, Stroke, 9 holes.

Winner: Dave Taig (25).

Runner up: Andrew Scott (26). Third: Bill Johnson (27). Putts: Mons Wibrow with 11. Best...

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