Social bowls last Wednesday: Peter Joyce, Fred Rauch 26 d Graham Scotcher, Gordon Foster 15; Bob Butt, John Hutchinson 22 d Peter Templeman, Elio Astone 13 (day winners); Graham Higgins, Neil Davies 19 d Warren Perkins, Kevin Troy 15; Peter Lacey, Adrian Coombs 19 (second chance winner) d Bob Reinhart, Karl Underburger 18.

Major singles championship: Darryl Newton 32 d Glen Hunter 28.


Social bowls last week: Rose Dutton, Noela Moore 19 d Pat Marsh, Maureen Becquet 12; Gayle Oddy, Sue Rickard 17 (winners) d Lorraine Keppie, Helen Single 12.


Results last Tuesday: M Collins, M Holden, S Gregory, 2 wins +40 (winners); A Bailey, K Somerville, P Stephan 2 wins +38 (2nd); M Cattling, K Drysdale, I Martin 2 wins +20 (3rd); R Rawson, D Nockolds, K Kennedy 1 win +15 (4th); P Bz, P Boyd, Bulla 1 win +12 (5th); P Jordan, R Soward, W Binney 0 wins -9 (consolation prize).

Friday: C Beddoes, R Soward 22 (winners) d N Sawtell, M Anderson 20 (lucky losers); P Jordan, W Binney 22 (runners-up) d J Lyon, W Rogan 17; A Bailey, K Somerville 16 d A Jackson, K McIlwain 11; D Huett, C Ulrick 20 d B Proudfoot, P Dean 17; M Crummy, R Jelfs, M Gray 17 d S Russell, C Dart, M Debono 16; F Somerville, L McIlwain 31 d C Jarrett, G Jarrett 13.

Saturday: R Proudfoot, D Strong, R Marquardt 25 (winners) d M Soward, A Daley 16; J Busuttil, K Gilbert, S Gilbert 24 d E Strong, J Vaubell, M O'Neill 13.

Pennant trials: W Thomas, L Davis, I Hannaby, J Fuller 2 wins +6 (winners); J Shearman, A Britt, N Lane, L Softley 2 wins +5 (runners-up).


Results last week: H Spearing, D Strong 20 (winners) d P Gray, L Trott 13 (runners-up); L Mitchell, F Sommerville, J Albany 27 d H Lockton, D Saines, A Marchment 10; D Howe, J Vaubell, M O'Neill 25 d N Renner, S Gilbert, L Jackson 12.


The rain tried its best to spoil the yearly Combine Services Charity Bowls Day but fizzled out about 10 minutes after play started. The crowd was down due to the weather but those in attendance had a great time and were not afraid to put their hands in the pockets on the day and especially the last mega raffle with a huge array of goods donated by the business houses of Ballina.

Allan Britt of the Ex-Army did a more then excellent job organising the day and the thankless job running around getting the raffles items from the very generous business. The usual BBQ Breakie done KASEA - the veterans of Korea and South East Asia - with the boys and their bosses doing a marvellous job without portable BBQ on a trailer that is the envy of all.

Great to see the new President os the Ballina RSL Sub - Branch, Dicky Wills and his lovely hard-working wife and loyal sidekick Colleen helping out on the day along with members of all services plus all the ladies from the Ballina Hospital Auxiliary - for whom the day was for - selling their homemade wares and selling raffle tickets, to all a job well done.

Great tucker from Earl and the ladies in the Ballina RSL Bowling Club kitchen and bar staff keeping up with the masses. Sadder note two gentleman I know pretty well passed away over the weekend and one was brother Mick who spent the last half of his life fighting Melanoma and Viv Ross a legend of the bowling greens and fellow chippie. Both gentlemen of high distinction in town and well respected by all who knew them. Condolences to both families and may they now both Rest In Peace. Until next week take care fellas.


February 26. Social: Sharon Allen, Kerry Dexter 17 def Jenny Andrew, Maureen Bertoli 12. Julie Quigley, Ilona Pettendy 24 def Emma Scattergood, Jenny Meinel 16. Top Chick: Jenny Meinel def Rosa Kinnear. Loyalty Prize Winners: M Bertoli, J Quigley. Raffle Winner: K Dexter.


Pairs championship games have been scheduled for 9.30am this Sunday. Play on or before the date or forfeit.

Recent results: R Burke and C Lockhart 26 d A James and G Palmer 15; P Flood and W Fuller 18 d M Mulroney and C Hines 11; D Zorzo and J Eichorn 23 d J Bruggy and D Popp 9; K O'Connor and C Sauer 27 d G Cole and L Gilbert 13; J Battese and W Appleton 27 d T Patch and B Toby 14.

Pennants starts this Saturday. Teams on the noticeboard. If you require a club uniform see Max, Garry or Paul.

Grade 1 home v Ballina; Grade 2B away v Kyogle; Grade 5 away v Lennox Head (bus to leave club at 11am; Ted Patch driver); Grade 7 home v Lismore Heights.

February 25, Blue Heelers mixed (16 bowlers): Winners C Patch T Patch V McNamara +15.

February 26, Tuesday morning bowls: T Shields D Greenstreet 15 d T Micallef L Shearman 14; B Smith L James 22 d K Everitt D Anderson 16; J Londy J Hampson J Morschel 21 d R Holborow C Ross M Kane 5; E Hutchinson K Brown T Ford 13 d T Dean C Stephens P Baguley 5.

February 28...

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