We would like to thank Lennox Head Bowling Club for their sponsorship and hosting our March Bowls Day. Thanks to the caterers for a wonderful lunch. Winners: R Sargent, M Lowe, K McIllwain 16 d J Dennis, F Dodd, G Hensel 14; A Pring, R Lynch, I Beattie 21 d G Mains, J Heard, B Cox 19; R Elkins, G Hair, K Cobb 18 d E Studley, R Toovey, R Crandon 9; I Carruth, K Flanagan, T Smalley 17 d E Hochless, R Hurst, D Gregor 5; D Binns, P Jackson, D Shapter 18 d D O'Brien, G Wegg, K Frampton 14; J Dudgeon, D Howell 21 d J Martin, L Martin 12;

If you are over 60 and would like to join us at our bowls day please contact your club delegate or Secretary Richard Crandon Ph. 0411422222 our next will be hosted at Cherry Street Sports on Thursday May 9.


Pennant points after Round 2 are: Grade 1 -- No change from last week due to washout for Ballina Vs. Pottsville game; No results for Kingscliff Vs. Ocean Shores available; Casino/RSM bye.

Grade 1 washed out games to be played at a later date to be advised. Grade 2A -- East Lismore 9.5; Lennox Head 17.5; Evans Head 11.0; Ballina 2. Grade 2B -- Casino RSM 11; Lismore Heights 18; South Lismore 10; Kyogle 1. Grade 3 - Lismore City 11.5; Alstonville 17.0; Evans Head 9.5; South Lismore 2. Grade 4 -- Lismore Heights 19; Ballina RSL 11; East Lismore 1; Lismore Workers Sports 9. Grade 5 -- Ballina 18; Lennox Head 11; Ballina RSL 18; Alstonville 2; Casino RSM 10; Nimbin 1. Grade 6 -- Bonalbo./Casino RSM 10 (Rnd. 2 washed out); Evans Head 9.5 (Rnd. 2 washed out); Kyogle 9 (Rnd. 2 washed out); Lismore Heights 1 (Rnd. 2 washed out); South Lismore 1.5; East Lismore 9. N.B. Washed out Grade 6 games to be played Sunday 7 April 9.30 am. Grade 7 -- Ballina RSL 17; Casino RSM 10; Lismore Workers Sports 10; Ballina 11; Lismore Heights 11; Lismore City 1.

Important notice to all NRD singles championship finalists. District Championship Finals in the Open, Reserve and Senior Singles are all scheduled to be conducted at South Lismore March 31. Please note your diaries accordingly. Best wishes for good bowling to all contenders.


Social Wednesday winners on rink 3 Dick Dewit, Snowie 24 def W Perkins, D Perkins 16. M Barry, J Hutchinson 31 def P Lacey, B Reinhardt 12. R Cologon, G Hunter 26 def B Butt, G Higgins 9. S Hooper, P Jarret 24 def Rocco, B McDonald 14. Brett, Gavin 22 def G Foster, R McCabe 12.

Major singles P Taylor 31 (26 marg) def M Conlon 5.

State pennenants Sat 16/3/19 - Grade 3 .... Lis 25/ Alst 12. Lis 17/ Alst 31. Lis/ Alst draw. Total Points - Alstonville 8 1/2, Lismore 1 1/2.

Pennants 16/3/19 - Grade 5 .... Alst 23/ Cas RSM 17. Alst 18/ Cas RSM 23. Alst 15 / Cas 27. Total Points - Casino 9, Alstonville 1.


Social 11/3/19 - Winners for the day on rink 4 Rose Dutton, Gail Oddy 18 def Lorraine Keppie, Kerrie Howard 16. Pam Basso, Judy Reinhardt 28 def Pat Marsh, Joy Lowien 7. Cheryl Ryan, Fran Olley, Doreen Farmer, Mandy Marron 18 def Marlene McDonald, Wendy Franke, Doreen Farmer, Greta Orchard 11.


Wednesday Self-selected Triples

G Garzolini D O'Brien P Lilly 26 (Winner) d P Jackson K Flanagan B Nardi 10; J Martin J Gray P Blair 23 (R/U) d J Daley R Campbell W Wyatt 17; J Lowry K Condon G Gaunson 22 (3rd) d R Hallyar J Heard K Scott 16; J Glassington S Gooley P Savage 32 d D Parker M O'Brien A Stone 11; R Rawson V Elmes K Clark 25 d K Foster D McDonald D Shapter 8; W Yardy B Anderson B Witherdin 25 d G Spencer C Siviour R Cordery 20; R Tepper G Flanagan J Condon 24 d R Hayward C Dart G Hensel 22; R Fox K Arthur J Harley 25 d B Maxwell P Cawley A Blewer 22; W Binney K Somerville P Stephan 16 (on ends) d G Lester B Galloway S Sherring 16; M Fallows R davis J Post 25 d G Taylor G Wappett B Westworth 16; I Hanaby P Ives G Hellyar 21 d P Gilbert D Cameron D Robinson 15;

Friday Open Pairs Challenge

S Gooley P Savage 28 (Winners) d R Davis B Hart 17; P Johns S Baldwin 24

(R/U) d S Gordon R Gordon 10; G Hensel D Shapter 25 d B Campbell N Wishart 13; C Forsyth G Gaunson 23 d R Campbell W Wyatt 14; B Lane E Bosworth 24 d G Muir L Rubagotti 19; G Moore M Comerford 21 d G Forsyth J Condon 16; K Flanagan J Martin 21 d S Sherring T Kidd 16; L Moton B DeRe 20 d M Fallows R Chapman 10; E Fletcher K Huett 22 d D Francis A Jackson 12; P Ives B Allen 17 d M Querrel G Hellyar 13; R Bates W Yardy

26 d V Elmes K Clark 10; J Heard K Scott 25 d J Harley J Gray 14; P Lyndon B Lyndon 29 d G Gaggin B Anderson 6;

Winners Jackpot was won.


Mixed day again with Pennants; No 1's had a wash-out and will have to play Pottsville at a later date; No 2's had a loss to Lennox Head 1/9; No 5's had a win against Lennox Head 8/2; No 7's...

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