Bonville Golf Resort

March 19

Women's Medal Round

Division 1: Donna Soyka (16) 73 nett c/b.

Division 2: Pam Rooney (20) 73 nett.

Division 3: Maureen Sullivan (36) 32 pts.

Overall Runner up: Paula Palin (13) 73 nett.

Gross winner: Paula Palin 86. Putting: Pam Rooney 29 putts.

NTP's: 3- Machelle Nichol. Eagles Nest: Paula Palin - 7th Hole

Ball Rundown to 81 nett.

March 20

Men's Single Stableford + 2BBB

2BBB Winners: Chris Reid (12) & Kevin Hopwood (16) 48 pts .

Individual Winner: Peter Owen (+1) 38 pts, Runner up: John Herford (21) 37 pts c/b, 3rd Place: Craig Enchelmaier (12) 37 pts c/b.

NTP's - 3rd: Peter Owen, 5th: Peter Owen, 8th: Les Thornborough, 11th: Peter Jackson, 17th: Peter Owen. Ball Rundown to 36 pts.

March 22

Medley Single Stableford + 2BBB

Winner: Garry Barnes (10) 43 pts, Runner up: Paul Kedwell (36 - Howlong) 41 pts, 3rd: David Bennett (11 - Cronulla) 38 pts, 4th: Tim Schoeffel (8) 37 pts c/b. Gross: Grant Rickwood 36 pts. 2BBB Winners: Rickey Welsh (18) & Geoff Lawrence (15) 46 pts c/b.

NTP's - 3rd: Steve Kacsics, 5th: Nathan Gallagher, 8th: Mick Lee, 11th: Jeff Robinson, 17th: Tony Gray.

Ball Rundown to 35 pts.

March 23

Medley Single Stableford + Aggregate

Aggregate Winners: Grant Squires (8) and Graeme Martin (15) 70 pts. Individual Winner: Lee Robb (15 - Ballina) 40 pts, Runner up: Paul Currie (10) 34 pts. 3rd place: Brad Daymond (6) 33 pts c/b. Gross: Peter Owen 32 pts.

NTP's - 3rd: Colin Lark, 5th: Josh Brown, 8th: Aden Louez, 11th: Toby Teece-Tapscott, 17th: Wayne Scott.

Ball Rundown to 31 pts.

Men's Handicap Matchplay: Chris Reid defeated Andy Bowles

March 24

Medley Single Stableford + Aggregate

Aggregate Winners: Gavin Tierney (14 - Byron Bay) & Craig Wilson (14 - Terrey Hills) 70 pts. Individual Winner: Corey Murphy (4 - South West Rocks) 37 pts, Runner up: Adam Penman (7 - Longyard) 36 pts c/b.

NTP's - 8th: Daniel Atterton, 17th: John Newson.

Ball Rundown to 34 pts.

Woolgoolga RSL Women's Golf Club Open Day

March 26

It's been a very busy time for Woolgoolga RSL Women's Golf Club and our Open Day sponsored by Woolgoolga Blue and White Veterinary Clinic was held Tuesday with 86 starters to play a 2BBB on the lovely Safety Beach Golf Course. Thank you Dr Michael Featherstone and all who made the day so successful.

A good time was had by our members and many visitors with the Overall Champions being L. Hunter and S. Forsythe from Maclean with 47pt. Runners-up also from Maclean. Kathy Coombs and Yolley Gallacher from Woopi were second runners-up. Other prize winners from Woolgoolga were Rose Morrow, Lorraine Broomfield and Meg Featherstone.

Last week Woolgoolga ladies pennant team defeated Sawtell at Bowraville 3-1/2 . A team of ladies also successfully competed at Kew.

Tuesday, April 2 is second round Monthly Medal and Match Play Qualifier. The 9 hole Wine Run is playable over the week as is a 9 hole comp for those who are looking for a shorter game.

Mid North Coast Veteran Golfers Association

March 26

91 golfers competed at Sawtell Golf Course. Players commented on the excellent presentation of the course.

A grade: Winner Ross Donnelly 41, 1st runner-up John Nichols 39 c/b, 2nd runner-up Tony Pye 39 c/b.

B grade: Winner Neil Thomas 42 c/b, 1st runner-up Doug Hurley 42 c/b, 2nd runner-up Phil Lynch 42 c/b.

C grade: Winner Steve Ward 42 c/b, 1st runner-up Ron Kane 42 c/b, 2nd runner-up Sue Stuckey 42 c/b.

NTP's: 3rd David Nicholls, 7th Neville Haworth, 11th Alan Winney, 15th Ken Allen.

Ball run to 34 pts.

Coffs Harbour Golf Club Ladies

March 23

Single Stableford

48 starters

Trish Nance 35, Karen Cross 34, Jo Symons 33, Jos Mitchell 32, Steph Martyn 31 c/b.

NTP's - 12th Shearwater voucher Michelle Palmer, 15th Kerry Wilson, 22nd Dallas Lamb, 26th (Pro-Pin) Di Ratcliffe.

March 26

Single Stableford

Nine hole comp - 40 starters

A Grade - Cheryl Cantelo 20, Doreen Mulvey 19

B Grade - Russells Meat voucher - Anne Grundy 19, Pauline Cahill 12 c/b, Jill Noonan 12 c/b.

NTP's - 12th (Pro-Pin) Elaine Bowers, Pauline Cahill, 15th Doreen Mulvey, Jill Noonan. Lakes voucher - Philippa Burrows.

March 27

Single Stableford

82 starters

A Grade - Heather Snow 36, Lyn Neaves 35, Beck Goldsmith 34 c/b, Romana Murphy 34.

B Grade - Iolana Sykes 37, Anneliese Voorthuis 33 c/b, Keona Sykes 33 c/b, Di Ratcliffe 33 c/b.

NTP's - 3rd (Pro Pin) Beck Goldsmith, Dot Trevaskis, Janice Thomsen, 6th Lynda Butler, Louise Neilson, 22nd Ruth Ryan, Di Ratcliffe, Yvonne Jackson, 26th Lyn Neaves, Heather Snow, Marlene Bradley.

Six Ball Circle - Suzanne McOrist. Lakes voucher - Rebecca Saunders.

Nine Hole Comp Single Stableford

16 starters.

Bev Condie 18, Anita Young 16 c/b.

NTP - 12th (Pro Pin) Heatherbelle Lee.

Sawtell Golf Club

March 22

Chook run

Andy Bruce 23, Neill Belling 22, Clayton McGuire 22, Sue Stuckey 22, Mick Bryant 22, Craig Gardiner 21, Peter Hirth 21

March 24

Medley Stableford

Roger Bortfield 37, Gary Hassell 37c/b.

NTP 7 Roger Bortfield. NTP 11 Gerry Bush. Balls to 34c/b. Visitors from Ryde Parramatta, Longyard, Woolongong, Coffs Harbour

March 25


Ellis Nicholson 42, Matthew Morrell 40, Joe Cavallaro 38.

NTP 7 Ken Hoy. NTP 11 Joe Cavallaro. Balls to 36c/b

March 26

4BBB Championships

Sponsored by Coffs Harbour Toyota

Kerrie Pitman & Glenys Davidson 78, R/up Sue Doust & Glenys Bonventi 77.

Gross winners Joy Lawrence & Trish Bailey 43. Daily winners (sponsored by Mavis Baggott) Day 1 Jean Dummer...

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