Ladies Social

Tuesday 23.4.19;

M.Marron S.Riccards

P.Marsh 18;G.Orchard

F.Olley P.Basso15;

J.Scotcher H.Single 17

C.Ryan K.Howard 8;

L.Keppic M.Eggins

M.Reddell 19 R.Dutton

J.Daley M.McDonald 10;

Mens Social

Wednesday 24.4.19;

R.Pattrick F.Rauch 19

W.Perkins G.Hunter 13;

K.Underberg D.Newton

N.Davies 23 P.Lacy

M.Barry J.Hutchinson 9;

P.Joyce H.Shollbach 22

S.Costigan P.Daley 18;

Saturday social


B.Butt A.Brown

K.Troy17 R.Pattrick

R.Gow A.Marron 9;

G.Foster G.Hunter 27

P.Lacey N.Davies 15;

Nutters 28.4.19;

Pat Helen Sue 15

Rose Tim Dennis 8;

Joan Joy Ian 15

Cecily Mitch Cheryl 11;

Largest Winning Margin

S.Rickard H.Single P.Marsh;


Wednesday Self-selected Triples

R Hayward C Dart G Hensel 24 (Winners) d T Smalley R Crandon G Wegg 13; G Spencer C Siviour R Cordery 24 (R/U) d K Flanagan B Nardi A Stone 16; K Foster R Davies D Shapter 24 (3rd) d D Parker P Young K Wilson 14; J Smith P Ives G Hellyar 25 d F Dodd B Galloway F Trott 13; D O'Brien P Lilly R Gordon 28 d G Garzolini K Clark R Rawson 15; J Fitzgerald G Flanagan J Condon 28 d R Hallyar J Heard K Scott 12; B Dawson J Martin G Partridge 17 d N Maish G Lester S Turner 9; M Fallows K Arthur J Harley

24 d B Witherdin B Anderson W Yardy 14; B Baldwin D Cameron D Robinson

22 d J Daley R Campbell W Wyatt 16; J Lowry W Binney G Gaunson 2 d P Gilbert S Gooley P Savage 14; J Dennis J Glassington T Wingrove 22 d P Stephan S Weller K Somerville 21;


Had 36 players from the Gold Coast All-stars visit today, an enjoyable day was had by all

Fri 26/4/2019 Open Pairs Challenge

J Smith A Stone 20 (Winners) d L Rubagotti G Muir 4; A Mathews R Mathews

22 (R/U) d B Lane E Reid 11; S Turner S Sherring 27 (3rd) d J Heard K Scott 17; G Moore M Comerford 34 d A O'Brien D O'Brien 13; J Martin G Gaunson 31 d G Hensel D Shapter 13; R Gordon M Fallows 29 d M O'Reilly P Lilly 16; J Harley J Gray 25 d G Lester P Pickup 14; J Cook G Partridge

24 d R Campbell W Wyatt 22; K Huett J Jones 24 d M O'Brien Stumpy 5; N Dunne P Savage 20 d D Francis P Ives 13; B Macdonald T Wingrove 20 d G Forsyth J Condon 15; K Strong D Robinson 18 d P Stephan

Results of the Pennants

Saturday results

No 1's Ballina d Pottsville 10/0; No 5's Ballina lost to Casino RSM 1/9; No 7's Ballina d Lismore city 10/0;

Sunday results

No 1's Ballina d Pottsville 10/0; No 5's Ballina d Alstonville 10/0; No 7's Ballina d Ballina RSL 9/1;

At this stage with one round remaining all Ballina sides are leading the competition, with the exception of the No 2's side which didn't fair too well this year.

Please note that the Pairs and Singles Club Championships are play or forfeit, please make arrangements to play.


At last excellent spring like weather but with numbers down due to the Sandflies on pennant duty for the Ballina RSL Mens Bowling Club 5's and 7's that played also at the Ballina RSL Bowling Club' on Sunday. President Steve Mison proved himself as a allrounder committeeman when he done the President, Treasurer and Bowls Organiser's job's at the end of the game as those members were still playing pennants and a great job Steve did too. Those Sandflies who didn't play pennants had a very relaxing game of lawn bowls along with a few beers and could retire into the clubhouse when the urge arose. Winners on the day were Little Joe, Chris Dart and Kenny Arthur beating Eddie Hockless, Bobby Gibson and Col Siviour 31 to 9 - but I am not sure if thats a misprint. Runners up had the same misfortune with Dasher, Steve Russell and patrick kearney getting the same treatment by Johnny Dennis, They call me Bruce and Nifty Nev 21 to 10. Next week is a visit from The Queensland Newspapers Bowling Club.


April 16. Social: Jenny Andrew, Julie Quigley, Emma Scattergood 14 def Dawn Holland, Sharon Allen, Marcia Crichton 13. Loyalty Prizes: Jenny Andrew, Julie Quigley. Raffle Winner: Sharon Allen. April 24. Social: Rosa Kinnear, Margaret Darby, Marcia Crichton 24 def Karen Maxwell, Emma Scattergood, Lyn Proudlock 11. Julie Quigley (swing), Sherril Pearce, Kerry Dexter 19 def Julie Quigley, Maureen Bertoli, Marj Flesser 6. Loyalty Prizes: Maureen Bertoli, Karen Maxwell. Raffle Winner: Kerry Dexter. Money Board Winners: Blossom, Lyn Proudlock. Pennants has finished for this year. Our girls competed in Grade 3 and came 3rd in the comp. Cabaritta won with Byron Bay 2nd. Well done girls for a great effort. Thanks to Bev Rose for being manager & those that came along to the games to support the ladies.


The Grade 5 and 7 Pennant teams both had good 9...

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