The next bowls day will be held at the the Corika Memorial Bowling Club on Tuesday May 14.

Nominations to be in by 9.15am. New members of 60 years and over most welcome.

For details contact Barrie Enright on 66282143.


Wednesday self-selected triples

R Crandon G Wegg T Smalley 19 d G Muir B Duniam K Flanagan 13; B Dollison B Maxwell A Blewer 24 d G Lester S Turner S Sherring 7; J Glassington D Cameron D Robinson 23 d K Foster R Davis D Shapter 20; G Garzolini D Poupard R Taylor 33 d A Bray P Gilbert J Pike 13; B Baldwin B Witherdin W Yardy 24 d M Fallows K Arthur J Harley 21; D Parker B Macdonald P Young 17 d B Dawson J Martin G Partridge 16; D O'Brien P Lilly R Gordon 27 d M Hynes A Stone J Smith 15; S Weller K Somerville P Stephan 21 d S Gooley P Savage R Mathews 10; F Dodd B Galloway F Trott

22 P Lyndon G Wappett T Wingrove 21; J Anderson W Wyatt 17 d J Daley R Campbell 13; R Tepper G Flanagan J Condon 19 d J Lowry R Hodson G Gaunson 12; R Hayward C Dart G Hensel 19 d G Spencer G Taylor C Siviour 16;

Friday open pairs challenge

D Francis P Ives 34 d P McRae N Divjak 16; R Bates W Yardy 22 d K Flanagan J Martin 16; K Strong D Robinson 27 d B Taylor R Taylor 16; J Heard K Scott 25 d G Lester P Pickup 13; G Muir L Rubagotti 22 s J Smith A Stone 19; R Campbell W Wyatt 33 d S Sherring N Wishart 9; S Gordon R Gordon 22 d A Mathews R Mathews 10; G Forsyth J Condon 23 d C Forsyth G Gaunson 20; E Bosworth K Tyrell 34 d J O'Mara N Peart 7; P Stephan J Harley 30 d J Cook G Partridge 16; G Hensel D Shapter 23 d T Howie M O'Brien 19; P Lyndon B Lyndon 29 d G gaggin J Glassington 16;


Saturday Mixed Social:J Busuttil,M Soward,J Hollingsworth 24 (winner) d J Vaubell,S Gilbert,A Daley 23;R Marquardt,V Lewis,M Lewis 24 d D Saines,M O'Neill,B Bennett 13.

Super Tuesday:Washout.

Friday Open Pairs:C Beddoes,J Shearman 26 (winner) d B Shearman,B Nesbitt 24;B Proudfoot,P Dean 28 (runner up) d M Crummy,R Jelfs 19;B Cooper,P Jordan 27 d J Jones,J Jones 15 (lucky loser);D Gregor,W Rogan 30 d K McIlwain,A Jackson 20;F Somerville,L McIlwain 24 d N Sawtell,F Bali 20;M Gray,M DeBono 28 d K Somerville,S Weller 18;K Huett,D Huett 30 d W Binney,J Lyon 13;


L.Trott, B.Nesbitt,D.Vaughan 26 def. S.Gilbert, P.Gray, D.Strong 21 (lucky losers) V.Cross,A.Marchment, L.McIilwain 18 def. N.Renner, D.Saines, M.O'Neil 12.J.Hollingsworth,F.Sommerville, N.Jones 21 def. J.Vaubell,A.Hewitt,P.Weller 10.


Winners on the day against Queensland Newspapers were on rink 20 with Dasher, Alfredo Garcia and Preso Steve Mison getting up 17 to 11 against the Newspapers Preso Peter Edwards, Ray Spicer and Tom Methon. Runners up on rink 18 were a QNPBC team of Jimmy Bartier, Neil Sprott and Ian Lever giving a 23 to 13 touch up to Bobby Gibson, Knackers and croaky Kenny Arthur who was fighting off the seven-day flu. Next week a home game and the Bribie Island trip away is on the 15th & 16th of June and the sheet is on board. For around $175 you get the bus trip, motel Saturday night and bowls Saturday and Sunday. Fills fast, so first in. See Alby if you want to pay that off which makes it easy as.


Social bowls:

S Gordon, B Wedesweiller, N Holmes 24 d G Nugent, G Whitmore, A Percy 11;

V Maxwell, B Patterson 14 d S Bray, S Skenner 11;


April 30. Social: Sherril Pearce, Blossom 19 def Margaret Darby, Kerry Dexter 12. Rosa Kinnear, Jenny Meinel, Jenny Lofts 17 def Julie Quigley, Emma Scattergood, Lyn Proudlock 14. Karen Maxwell, Helen McCaffery, Maureen Bertoli 16 def Judy Seamer, Sharon Allen, Marcia Crichton 10. Winners: Sherril Pearce, Blossom. Lucky Losers: Julie Quigley, Emma Scattergood, Lyn Proudlock. Top Chick: Jenny Meinel def Maureen Bertoli. Raffle winner: J Quigley. District triples will be played at our club this week starting 7th April. District Senior 4's & Open 4's will be played at Ocean Shores starting 14th April. Come along to see some great bowling.


The Pennant season is now over for Grades 2, 5 and 7 with the teams finishing 6th, Runner up and 6th respectively. Grade 1 is sitting in second position 6.5 points behind Ballina with 2 games remaining but Ballina has a bye next week and will score zero points so good luck to Grade 1 for wins in both games against Kingscliff and Ocean Shores over the next 2 rounds.

Club Championship Pairs was won by last...

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