Shop to keep a healthy heart and hip pocket.


A TRIP to the supermarket is one of the few reasons we're leaving the house these days - and for households on a tight budget there are ways to stock up that won't hurt your heart or hip pocket. The Heart Foundation is reminding Australians heart-healthy eating doesn't have to be expensive.

"There are some tips you can follow when doing your weekly shop to choose heart-healthy foods that will save money and avoid wasting food," Heart Foundation director of health strategy Julie Anne Mitchell said. "It's also essential to protect yourself and others against Covid-19 infection when you go to your local supermarket. " Keep your pantry healthy on a budget * Action plan: Make a grocery list and stick to it. Check what you already have in your fridge and pantry and only buy what you know you will use to avoid wasting food.

* Eat the rainbow: One of the best ways to stay healthy is to fill up on plenty of fruit and vegetables. The more colourful the mix the better. Frozen or canned vegetables and fruits are good alternatives when fresh produce is hard to buy or too expensive, and they keep for longer. If you are buying canned versions, try to choose the "no added salt" or "low salt" versions. Pick fruits canned in juice, not syrup.

* Mix it up: Buy more plant-based sources of protein, in line with the Heart Foundation's updated dietary advice. Tinned or dried beans...

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