Strata approval required for renovations in NSW

Author:Mr Mitchell Micevski

Completing renovations in your home can be complicated if you live in a strata building. Approval is required depending on the type of work to be carried out. Strata law in NSW distinguishes between three types of work:

Cosmetic work Minor work Major work. Cosmetic work

Cosmetic work is the day-to-day work involved in maintaining your home. Such work includes:

Interior painting Fastening hooks or screws into the walls of your apartment for hanging frames Remedying superficial defects on internal walls (holes, cracks etc) Installing or replacing handrails, built-in wardrobes, internal blinds and curtains Laying carpet. Other works can be ratified as cosmetic works if the owners corporation passes a by-law defining them as such.

You do not need to seek approval to carry out cosmetic works. It is, however, the your responsibility to ensure that the works are carried out in a competent and proper manner and that any damage caused to common property as a result of these works is repaired.

Minor work

Minor renovations involve more substantial works on the strata lot, including:

Changing recessed light fittings Kitchen renovations Installing or replacing wiring, cabling, power or access points Work involving reconfiguring walls. You are required to obtain approval from the owners corporation to carry out minor works. Such approval should be given by way of a resolution at a general meeting, with over 50 percent of the votes in favour of approval. Alternatively, depending on the structure of your strata scheme, the strata committee may be authorised (by way of a by-law passed by the owners corporation) to approve minor works.

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