The sky is the limit for virtual cycling.


Byline: Matty Holdsworth

IMAGINE racing alongside some of cycling's best professionals in the Tour de France, all from your living room.

It sounds impossible, right? Wrong.

Virtual reality company Zwift will launch an E-sports professional cycling race next week where Sunshine Coast-based Australian Cycling Academy is invited to take part.

The race is the first of its kind, including 14 teams around the world, but only two from Australia.

ACA director Matt Wilson said the technology was highly accurate and would soon be mainstream.

"You have your avatar, which is your virtual self, you plug your bike into a special trainer and your exact power is run through the bike which controls the difficulty of the pedalling," MrWilson said.

"So uphill in virtual world is obviously harder, downhill is easier.

"There is even a fan connected to make the experience of wind sensations.

"It's so exciting."

ACA rider and Buderim athlete Johnathon Noble will compete in the inaugural race at 6am on Thursday.

He'll be joined by ACA's Michael Freiburg, Michael Potter and Freddy Ovvett.

"I've only used the technology once or twice and it is quite close to actual racing," MrNoble said.

"You have the...

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