They're Russian to entertain you.


THE Mullum Music Festival is well known as an event of diversity and discovery with all sorts of interesting, musically and culturally diverse acts gracing the 12 stages over the four days of the festival.

This year, the Festival's 12th is no different, with 70 acts taking part in the event from November 14-17 at venues all over Mullumbimby.

However, while acts will come from near and far for the event, one of the more unusual acts doesn't have far to travel at all - not that you would know.

On the surface, Dustyesky may look like they have just left the villages of mother Russia to head south but appearances are deceiving in this case and the 28 bearded men, singing the songs of the Red Army and traditional Russian folk songs in handsome four-part harmonies, can be found sharing a beer in Mullumbimby each week.

Not that you'd know it if you try to interview them - but that mix of humour, love and respect for what they do is what has made them festival favourites from Woodford to the Melba...

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