Woolies' zero-waste containers.


WOOLWORTHS is introducing a zero-wastage food delivery system that delivers grocery essentials in reusable packaging.

From mid-2021, grocery shoppers will be able to receive products from their favourite brands in reusable containers, delivered right to their doors.

The system will allow customers to sustainably consume a variety of commonly used products such as washing detergent, shampoo, juice or ice cream in customised, brand-specific, durable packaging that is delivered in a specially designed reusable shipping tote.

How Loop works

Once they shop in-store or place an order online, Woolworths customers will receive their durable products, offered in upgraded reusable packaging, in Loop's shipping tote which has been designed to be durable enough to safely transport shopping.

When finished with the product, consumers place the empty food containers into the Loop totes and go online to schedule a pickup from their home or drop it off at a nearby Woolworths store.

Loop will clean the packaging so that each product may be safely reused and replenished as needed at the...

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