XR is a wallet winner; Mid-price iPhone offers best of specs for a lot less money.


Byline: Mark Furler

APPLE is not well known for targeting the modest end of the price market.

But for a full feature phone with some of the smartest technology around, the iPhone XR has become the best choice for people wanting to upgrade.

Apple has been advertising a limited time deal where you can upgrade to the XR from A$849, when you trade in your iPhone 7 Plus.

In recent months, I've been using the XS Max, which is one of my favourite phones of last year.

But with a price tag of $1799, it's not something most of us can afford.

So the XR, priced from $1229, offers most of the features: the fast A12 processor, Face ID, a great 12 megapixel rear camera with portrait mode, 4K video, as well as an exceptional battery life.

But there are some differences. In the XS Max you have two cameras so you can do proper bokeh effect portrait mode on everything from flowers to people.

On the XR, you can only do that with people.

The other issue is you don't have the two times optical telephoto camera, which I certainly noticed when testing the XR.

The 6.1 inch display uses Apple's Liquid Retina LCD technology instead of OLED so the resolution is not as sharp but for most things the difference is hard to notice.

On the plus side, the colour range is a lot more...

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