Your friends are allowed back over.


NSW will ease its social distancing restrictions, allowing up to two adults to visit people in another household.

"We know many people have been cooped up for a number of weeks," said NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

The easing will come into effect on Friday.

The Premier yesterday stressed people must continue to practice social distancing, particularly when it comes to the elderly.

"I do want to stress that if you're visiting someone who is over 70 years of age, or someone with a comorbidity, you have to practice really good social distancing," she said.

"If you have the mildest sniffle, do not go and visit anybody. If you're feeling slightly unwell or fatigued, don't risk it.

"Similarly, if you're over 70, we still recommend that you keep leaving home to a minimum, but if you do feel that you need to go and visit someone in their home, please make sure that similarly you ask...

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