Editor's note.

Author:Sangkuhl, Elfriede

I am pleased to present Volume 16 of the University of Western Sydney Law Review.

This edition presents topics drawn from a wide range of legal concerns which demonstrates the breadth of contemporary legal debate. I am pleased that the University of Western Sydney Law Review includes pieces by serving Judges as well as legal academics and legal practitioners that represent many of the concerns and interests of the legal community. This edition includes an inspiring occasional address by the Honourable Justice Ian Coleman on how to take advantage of opportunities granted by education. The topics addressed in this edition are as follows: the civil commitment laws for the mentally ill; the use of the 'day fine' and how it may improve equality before the law in Australia; an examination of the history of the judicial philosophy that guided the High Court in its role in determining the parameters of the dispute resolution function of arbitration tribunals in Australian labour law; and a study of student attitudes about the role culture plays in the lawyering process. The University of Western Sydney Law Review also includes a book review and case notes on three recently decided cases.

This edition was made possible through the hard work, co-operation and collegial spirit of the editorial committee and the student editors.

In 2012 the University of Western Sydney Law...

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